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  • myelogenesis — 1. Development of bone marrow. 2. Development of the central nervous system. 3. Formation of myelin around an axon. * * * my·elo·gen·e·sis (mi″ə lo jenґə sis) 1 …   Medical dictionary

  • Myelinogenesis — The third (labeled CP for posterior centrale, BA 3,1,2, primary somatosensory cortex) and fourth (labeled CA for anterior centrale, BA 4, primary motor cortex) areas of the cerebral cortex to myelinate nissl stain parasaggital section of a 7… …   Wikipedia

  • myelogenetic, myelogenic — 1. Relating to myelogenesis. 2. Produced by or originating in the bone marrow. SYN: myelogenous …   Medical dictionary

  • myelopoiesis — Formation of the tissue elements of bone marrow, or any of the types of blood cells derived from bone marrow; or both processes. [myelo + G. poiesis, a making] * * * my·e·lo·poi·e·sis .mī ə lō (.)pȯi ē səs n, pl …   Medical dictionary

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